Third Transnational Young Farmers project Meeting in Sofia

On September 30, 2022, Agency for Economic Development – Kostinbrod will host the third transnational meeting of YOUNG FARMERS (Rural Entrepreneurship Leveraging Advanced training for Young Farmers), a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which brings together seven Partners from five different countries (Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Poland, and Spain). The meeting will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The main aim of the meeting will be to discuss the final outcomes and results of the YOUNG FARMERS project implementation. The Partners will discuss the piloting sessions held across Europe, the guidelines for further uptake, and policy recommendations.

The Project’s Website is ready-to-use and online, translated in 5 languages, available at  providing specific information on project aims, activities and results.

YOUNG FARMERS’s objective is to enhance the opportunities for EU young farmers to adopt and exploit digital entrepreneurship models so to valorise their businesses with new competitive solutions.

While young farmers represent the economic bulk of European rural areas – territories that make up from 40% to 80% of every European nation – numerous EU reports identify the need of a strong entrepreneurial and risk management training (as well as new technologies) from which rural entrepreneurs can benefit in terms of new and more innovative models for business competitiveness.

The financial and long-term sustainability of their business is by several key factors: lack of entrepreneurial training; overall lack of digital and ICT competences; the competitive pressure represented by big industrial value chain.

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