Piloting Sessions on EU incentives, Export Management and Competitive Strategies for Young Farmers in Plovdiv

October 6th 2022, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At the Agricultural University in Plovdiv the Agency for Economic Development – Kostinbrod, National Association of Young Farmers in Bulgaria and Together for Personal development organised three piloting sessions with students of the University within YOUNG FARMERS (Rural Entrepreneurship Leveraging Advanced training for Young Farmers), a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which brings together seven Partners from five different countries (Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Poland, and Spain).

Agency for economic development Kostinbrod developed a document that outlined the timing, tasks and means to deliver the pilot version of the training. The Plan also provided guidance on how to structure the teaching activities, which tools to be used to collect feedback and comments from users.

These three partners delivered the training in their respective “environments” and contexts to test and validate the content, structure, delivery means and assessment methods and tested the relevance, quality, quantity and format of the training materials in operational environments.

Topics of the training sessions:

  • Business and Competitive Strategies
  • EU Incentives for Agriculture and Rural Farming
  • Internationalization, Customer Relationship Management, Export Management


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