Together for Personal Development is a non-governmental organization. The Act of Incorporation was signed by 7 natural persons living in the rural area of the Rakovski Municipality on 23.02.2014г. The role of this association is to develop its members in the fields in which they work – agriculture, agritourism, non-formal education and internet technologies. However, its founders have been working together in a non-formal association for years. The achieved balance of relations and for the purpose of creating funding opportunities for project ideas naturally resulted in the registering of the public benefit organization.



l  Consolidating the creative and innovative potential of the civil society.

l  Supporting the sustainable development of the citizens, social groups, municipalities, districts and regions in the Republic of Bulgaria and establishing international cooperation

l  Implementing youth activities and initiatives for the development of the young people’s needs and interests.

l  Assisting in activities and realization of projects connected with conserving nature and environmental protection.

l  Designing, implementing and disseminating efficient models.…

FASST (FormazioneperAgricolturaSociale e SviluppoTerritoriale)

“Formazione per Agricoltura Sociale e Sviluppo Territoriale” (FASST), a Project co-founded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training.

FASST is implemented by a Consortium of 9 partners from 5 European countries (Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain). FASST will develop free online and face-to-face training modules to foster Social Farming entrepreneurial initiatives in Europe.

Social farming, opportunities and challenges for young people in Europe

The common objective of the project „Social farming, opportunities and challenges for young people in Europe“ addresses the rendering of a platform for debate and exchange of good practices for the youth and youth workers for the convergence of innovative approaches for tackling unemployment in rural areas and the social involvement of the youth with fewer opportunities via propagating the opportunities offered by social farming based on biodynamic agriculture and informal education.


Social Entrepreneurship against Youth Unemployment among Women in Rural Areas

Different forms of social entrepreneurship hold great potential in terms of harmonizing the problematic realms of society, where government and governmental institutions find it difficult to interfere, whilst businesses  are not interested or do not envisage well-shaped market niches. Despite the remarkable achievements of law and legislation, economic crisis and budgetary restrictions have aggravated the problems of gender equality.

This is the reason why our project focuses on training youth workers, thus promoting and initiating various types of social and economic activities, which may provide the grounds for the realization of young women in rural areas. In this way, women will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to support girls from rural areas in their social and economic involvement. The project will create opportunities for searching and finding distance jobs, creation of social enterprises, participation in services improving lifestyle in rural areas such as education and training of children, social patronage, looking after elderly people, etc. Various forms of business entrepreneurship will be considered in the context of new information technologies.